Make Money on Instagram

Make Money on Instagram

In today's world making side money on the internet is thrown in your face on every social media platform. I truly believe the best platform to do that on is Instagram. Of course, Instagram is partnered with Facebook, so it is beneficial to share your posts to a pro Facebook page; however, I don't feel it's necessity. 

The best website online shop to add to an Instagram is Shopify for reasons I will list below, but if you are just doing an affiliate program, I still believe Instagram is the platform to use and the one I get the most revenue from. 

Here are some tips and tricks to get your followers up and sell to the followers that you have:

1. This is super important...DO NOT BUY LEADS. Let me tell you why. 

First off, if you buy leads, they are mostly robots or people that will never buy anything you have to offer. Yes, it brings your numbers up; however, Instagram sees those as computer bought leads and that puts you lower in the algorithm to be seen by real people. It also will get you I found out the hard way when I got my gaming Instagram up to 10k in two months. It was hacked, and I was never able to use that account again or even the name. PinkSportsNut is a locked name on Instagram. Many of the people who did follow me thought I blocked them because the name became blocked, and I lost a lot of following even when I started a new Instagram. So again, do not buy leads!

2. Your story should be a mini reality T.V. show of your life. 

The number one thing on your page that brings followers in is your story. Of course, you create content and reels, but the main thing that you will see people looking at to get a sense of who you are is your stories. You will want to make sure you make that engaging. It is okay to post other people's content on your story sometimes, but if Instagram sees that people are clicking on it and leaving your story without going through them all or hitting that X button you will be lower on the search list. They want to see stories that people interact with. That being said, make sure you add lots of polls, questions, and things they can interact with on your stories daily and watch your page grow. 

3. Make sure that your reels have value.

What is value in today's society with girls shaking what their mama gave them for followers? That is a very good question, but not all people are on the internet for that sort of entertainment. Make sure you are inspiring them or teaching them something. Use songs that have gone viral to gain attention to your reels, but you also want to use a good mix of you creating your own voice overs on your reels. This is the mix that Instagram is looking for and will give your page more attention. Remember you don't need 10k followers to be successful, just the right followers. 

4. Use the carousal pictures to make yourself grow. 

Right now, the algorithm is loving pages that post both pictures and reels, but the main thing that is throwing your page into the circle of things on Instagram is that you use all its features. features such as the carousel, message posts, reels, and stories. If you use a mix of all of these, you will see huge growth on your page. 

5. Find a mentor.

You need to find someone that you look up to on social media that has a huge following and take advice from them, or even follow their business plan. I have two that I follow and the one that really gives me great advice and even hosts webinars on how to have success on Instagram is @chalenejohnson. She teaches that it is important to be yourself, work hard, and be consistent. Follow her and you won't regret it. 


Mostly you just want to be yourself. Don't do what you think your followers would want. Be free by being yourself and the people that love your content will find you. Being fake to get followers won't ever get you as far as being your goofy unapologetic self. I am rooting for you and I know you got this! 


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